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A happy, motivated dog! At Winnipeg K9, we use MOTIVATIONAL METHODS to keep the dog's attitude a happy one.   With positive training methods, the dog quickly learns that being with and working for its human family is an enjoyable, rewarding experience.
Our students are taught how to achieve HANDS-OFF CONTROL of their dog's behaviour through the development of language as a means of communication with the dog.

Students also learn valuable everyday living skills that will contribute to better health and longevity for their family pet, and enhance their enjoyment of their dog's company.  The possibilities with a well-trained dog are ENDLESS! Best Friends!
The prerequisites for our classes are current vaccinations and a clean bill of health for your dog, and your own willingness to learn!


Family Pet Training & Lifeskills

The Level One Family Dog Class is geared to the "beginner" dog.  The ideal time to start on the road to a happy and fulfilling dog-human relationship is while the dog is young or new to the household.  This ensures that doggy behaviors are recognized and resolved before they become problems.
Proud Graduates! Owner skills:  ~ understanding concepts in canine behaviour ~ establishing the dog's position in the family unit ~ recognizing positive responses from your dog ~ responding correctly to the dog's behaviors ~ recognizing what kind of information the dog is receiving from its owner & its environment.
Dog Skills:  ~ paying attention to the handler ~ sit ~ down ~ stay ~ coming when called ~ walking on leash ~ how to greet visitors and behave nicely on a visit to the vet, just to name a few!
Health & Life Skills:  ~ grooming ~ kenneling and crating ~ nutrition ~ toe-nail clipping ~ teeth cleaning ~ when to call the vet ~ what to do in the case of emergency ~ safe & unsafe toys ~ environmental dangers ~ recommended reference reading. A happy, healthy, well-groomed dog!
Family: Family training is welcomed & encouraged at classes so there is consistency for the dog within its household.
The Level Two class builds upon the skills learned in Level One.

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Gentle Puppy Education

The Gentle Puppy Class is geared to younger puppies.
Starting off on the right foot! The goal of this class is to help new puppy owners start off on the right foot to a positive lifelong relationship with their pets.

Puppies have the opportunity to practice their "doggy" social skills through playtime with others in a safe environment.

At the same time, Owners learn concepts such as:
~ understanding the mental and physical development of the puppy ~ the importance of patience ~ rules of the household ~ where and how does the puppy fit in as a new member of the family ~ daily care issues such as nutrition, health, and safety.

Please email for information on class availability.

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Private Consultation
Have some questions??   Having a problem and you're not sure what to do or where to turn??   We can discuss your needs and the best options for you and your dog, whether it might be classes, private instruction, or behavior counselling.*
*Referrals available.

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Competition Obedience
Interested in doing something more with your dog?
Scent articles Competitive Obedience is just one of many available Sports you can do with your dog.  Winnipeg K9 offers expert instruction in all levels of competition obedience, from Novice through Utility, as well as Rally-O.
Email for more information on class times, pre-requisites, and other details.

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